U.S. Senate and Georgia General Assembly Pass Resolutions Honoring Zell Miller

Following the death of former Georgia Governor and U.S. Senator Zell Miller, the Georgia General Assembly and United States Senate both passed resolutions in his honor.

In the Georgia General Assembly, H.R. 1683 was sponsored by Reps. David Ralston, Calvin Smyre, Al Williams, Jan Jones, John Burns, and Robert Trammell. It reads, in part:

“The members of this body join together to express their deepest regret at the passing of former 34 Governor and United States Senator Zell Bryan Miller and extend their most sincere 35 condolences to his family.”

U.S. Senate Resolution 454, sponsored by Sen. Johnny Isakson and supported by Sen. David Perdue, was passed on April 10, 2018 and reads, in part:

“The State of Georgia and the United States are deeply indebted to Zell Miller for his passion as an educator, lifelong dedication to public service, and commitment to improving the lives of all of the people in the State of Georgia and in the United States: Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Senate extends deepest condolences and gratitude to the family of Zell Bryan Miller; and honors the legacy and life of Zell Bryan Miller, his commitment to the people of the State of Georgia and the United States, and his service to the Senate; and when the Senate adjourns today, it stands adjourned as a further mark of respect to the memory of the late Zell Bryan Miller.”

Senator Isakson also spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate to pay tribute to Zell Miller and his legacy.